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16 May 11


Hello, I’m in Boston enjoying a glass of wine and looking at a woman trying to control her dogs opposite my hotel! getting back into the motion of touring after a 2 week break of parks, pubs and bbqs. thank you to everyone who came to the European and UK shows, meant a lot! I’m in the states for a while now, have had too much fun so far. LA, Washington and Philly ticked off but so many more to go. by the way i got the poster with all my song names listed in a beautiful letter from the show at the electric factory, thank you so much to you lot who made it. made me smile hard!! i thought i was going to be incredibly homesick as soon as i got here, but you’ve all made me feel so welcome so far, thank you :) and how incredible to arrive as rolling in the deep goes to number 1 on the hot 100!!!!!! nuts! anyway, i have the complete honour of having a band called The Civil Wars on the tour at the moment. they are by far the BEST live band i have EVER seen. they are magical and stunning, they make my heart hurt but make it a bit stronger at the same time too! perfect timing! please check them out, they re record is beautiful. and if your coming to any of the shows on this trip make sure you get there early to see them. Ive never been so blown away. i could go on gushing forever…poison and wine is my favourite so Ive attached the video for you! love always xx

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