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21 June 11


Hello! As I’m sure most of you know i had to cancel over half of my US tour a couple weeks back. it was a devastating decision to make, but i really had no choice. i had to give my voice 2 weeks rest or risk permanent damage. I’m so so sorry. we are in the middle of rescheduling it all and i will see you there when i return. once all the new dates are in place ill let you know straight away! i was having the best time ever on tour, i enjoyed the shows so much and met so many amazing people and got to play with the best artists Ive ever played along side with, and i really am gutted to be back before its finished. thank you though to everyone who came to the shows i was able to do! I’m at home now, watching box sets and sorting things out into neat piles and resting. i haven’t been able to cook for almost 3 months cause Ive been on the road so I’m getting back into that. Ive become obsessed with beyonces i am sasha fierce tour dvd and 30 rock, and Ive also started uploading over 1000 cds to my itunes! long but satisfying! i cant wait to be able to sing again, I’m bored stiff. ive had a check up and im on the mend, i still need to take it easy and rest but things are looking up. i havent been told to not sing or talk for a month, i have given up smoking again! and also im not having singing lessons. i got better before and im getting better this time, and i will do everything i can to make sure nothing like this happens again! im gonna be on stage in london in just under 2 weeks but its a surprise i think!? xx

i want you to listen to this – its by Alex Clare and its called Hands Are Clever. its my favourite song at the moment. his voice is brilliant and this song makes me so happy!

Alex Clare – Hands Are Clever by Alex Clare

my friend sarah sent me this one a while back and i love it. there called Quadron and the song is called Pressure. im pretty sure theyre on tour with raphael saadiq in the states, or have been recently.

and also my favourite person in the world is number 1 for the second time this week, couldnt be prouder. absolutely smashed it – Example

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