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7 September 11

I'm Still Not Well Enough

im still not well enough. i woke up feeling a bit better but not by a lot, but decided to head towards cardiff anyway in the hope id be able to sing tonight. half way there i realised it was unrealistic and so have come back home to rest. i apologise profusely, i know many of you would have travelled to cardiff today for the show. im so so sorry! i need to wait until the infection has cleared up, theres no use battling through it because itll only make me weaker. im still breathless and my chest is disgusting. believe me im doing everything i can to get better asap i promise. its a bug and i have to wait til its gone. im not doing half hearted performances for anyone. if i try do a show like this itll be rubbish and i wont be coming back this year and i dont want leave you like that. if i postpone ill come back very soon when im well and do it how i normally do it! please forgive me, i hate cancelling things as you know. this has nothing to do with my throat before. im sure lots of you feel like this as well, its going round. see you very soon adele xx

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